One of the directors of GET Glass Solutions.

Kevin is a born and bred Hamiltonian. Other than three years spent glazing in Perth, he has spent all of his working years in Hamilton.
Upon leaving school Kevin started his apprenticeship in Hamilton with Auckland Glass, soon after this they changed their name to Winstone Glass. Kevin went on through the ranks to eventually run the auto division.

After another name change in 1998, the company he was working for left the retail market to concentrate on commercial work. At this time they released the Winstone Glass name back to Fletchers who owned it. This is when Kevin, along with his wife Lisa, took the opportunity to go into business and concentrate on providing high quality service to residential customers. In the year 2000, Fletchers released the Winstone Glass name and we then had our own name change to become Winstone Glass Hamilton.

Sixteen years and two children later, they have grown the business and introduced two new divisions to the Waikato; Glasskote and Thermawood.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys motorcross and fishing.
With 30 years in the glass industry under his belt, Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and experience to tackle any glass query.


Our chief office lady.

Lisa was born and bred in Hamilton. Other than a couple of years working in Sydney, she has spent the rest of her time in the Waikato. She attended Frankton primary school, Maeroa intermediate and Fraser high school meaning you really couldn’t get anyone more local.

After leaving school, Lisa attended Wintec where she completed a hotel management diploma. This course taught her many skills that have been invaluable throughout running a business.
After ten years working in the jewellery trade, Lisa and her husband Kevin started up Sharp glass limited. As well as her general admin duties, Lisa also looks after a lot of the quoting work and does the book keeping for the company.

While Lisa is not at work, she is running around after two teenagers who keep her busy and broke. She also enjoys relaxing on the beach and a wine with the girls.

Sixteen years later and many hours spent bossing the boys around, Lisa’s experience and knowledge of the industry makes for a great partnership with her husband Kevin.


Our head Glasskote Technician!

With 38 years in the glazing industry Bryon is a great asset to our company!

Bryon was born in the King Country and raised on a dairy farm. At the young age of 18 he moved into Hamilton and started his apprenticeship at Riverlea Glass. Bryon is married with three grown daughters and is looking forward to soon having his first grandchild!

Bryon has progressed through the glass industry, in both flat glass and automotive. 32 years later Bryon joined us at Glasskote Hamilton, where his knowledge and expertise have been put to great use.

Glasskote is the only coating system available world wide and is a international name which was introduced into the Waikato 10 years ago. Bryon has been our head Glasskote technician for the past 6 years. He is one of the most experienced applicators in New Zealand at coating glass which is a specialised field.

In his spare time Bryon is a keen artist and has a passion for interior design and the outdoors.

This passion mixed with Bryon’s 38 years of experience in the Glazing industry means all of our splashbacks are made to perfection.


Our Apprentice!

Regan is our third year apprentice who has just finished his final block course at Trade School in Wellington.
Regan was born and bred in the Waikato. After completing year thirteen at Fairfield high school he embarked on his career in the building industry.

Three years ago, Regan was offered the opportunity to start an apprenticeship in the glazing industry with Winstone Glass.
He has just completed his last block course which focused on commercial glazing, balustrades, shop fronts, showers and double glazing. Regan finished this course at the top of his class which we are very proud of. It is a credit to him and his mentor for their very hard work.

In his spare time he enjoys keeping up-to date with the rugby, rugby league and motorsport. Regan is engaged and has a six year old step daughter who he loves to spend time with.

Regan is already a very valued member of our team. This time next year, once completing his remaining apprenticeship hours, Regan will be a fully qualified glazier.

Get Glass Solutions Team member Regan


Customer Services

So far Kayla has written all the teams introductions and cleverly, or not so cleverly, left herself until last and I get the pleasure introducing Kayla to you all.

Kayla joined us in 2010 after leaving University.  Once we had taught her that she needs to be at work at 9am and not leave home at 9am she quickly became a very valued member of our team.

Within a short time she had all the boys doing as they were told and was managing customers inquiries with the expertise and ease of a seasoned professional.
In 2012 Kayla left full-time employment to start a teaching degree at the University of Waikato. She is progressing well in her degree and has just completed her second year.  Like the prodigal daughter who leaves home, Kayla comes and goes, working somewhere between full time and part time as her studies allow.  She will eventually leave us and we will sorely miss her.
Speaking as the boss now, I am very lucky to have wonderful group of people who want to join Kevin and I in our business. We do become very much like family so when one moves on it is very sad but in Kayla’s case it will be a proud day for us all when she graduates. At GET Glass we all take a little pride in helping her get to class on time.
Now lets hope the school she ends up in works on glide time!


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